Hunter Gash & Alley Cat

Hunter Gash & Alley Cat February 4th 2017 at 06:00 PM mst LIVE: Join Hunter Gash & Alley Cat as they have some fun with the Swing Town social web site. It is all about sexual adventure when you read or hear some of the posts that the swingers […]

Evening Wood

January 28th 2017 18:00 mst Evening Wood with Spencer Streichert and friends. Nothing but Fun then a bit of serious then back to SILLINESS. These city dudes formerly cowboys Okay at least one was a cowboy talk about all of their adventures, thoughts and who they don’t like for the […]

Vodka Tea Party

January 24th 2017 20:00 mst Vodka Tea Party with Nancey Whisky & Alie Join these two sexual vixens as they talk about their sexual adventures in The City. Blow jobs – Gang Bangs and then don’t forget to shave your Arm Pits or maybe you won’t! These two vixens talk […]

F**king Sex

January 24, 2017 19:00 mst F**king Sex with Jessica Lai & Just Fucking Jay, join them as they awaken they’re new wet n’ wild fantasies and fetishes. Learn and share some fun in all the crazy exploration between their sheets and maybe even join