Welcome to the GTFO Community

I'm PJ, and I'm pleased to introduce a brand new experiment : The GTFO Video Chat Community.

GTFO Video chat is a completely free, completely fun video chat system to let all users chat with all other users in real time by video and audio.

(Updated July 14th at 1:02am)

The GTFO Community video chat program is still in BETA. If you lose your connection, just hit reload to reconnect.

You can now use any browser including Safari, IE, Chrome or Firefox. Chrome is recommended.

GTFO Community Video has also been tested with late-generation Apple IPADS. You can use an iPhone 7, 8 or X to connect as well. It has not yet been tested on Android devices but feel free to experiment.

In order to login now, just type your name in the field below and hit SUBMIT.

Remember to be respectful of others, and to relax and have fun!

GTFO Community is powered by Miricam and 2Much.net. Miricam is in BETA TEST STAGE. Services may be halted at any time for any reason.