GTFO Radio Hosts

GTFO Radio Hosts


Meet Lady Misha, a Professional Dominatrix that caters to some of the lesser known fetishes. Lady Misha will explain her experiences to learning the FETISH and KINK and how she takes that learning knowledge and skill and plays with her play mates. Welcome to the “Lady Misha Show”   @msladymisha – Twitter

Ms Stacey
is known as a Femdom cuckoldrice, experienced with the lifestyle for a number of years and hosts Ms. Stacey’s Naked Secret, And Femdom World along side her sexy domme counterparts.@BMPA_Ms_Stacey -Twitter
PJ hosts BMPA News where he talks about the Adult Entertainment industry. The good, the bad and the ugly from those that are taking centre stage to those that work behind the scenes and some in the dark underground.
                                       @BMPA_Pj -Twitter
Hunter Alley Cat Bio PicHunter Gash and Ally Cat He is a hot rod builder, biker and a swinger. Now Hunter is trying to be a Lifestyle Radio Host. Look out Jason Ellis !!!!! Thank you Alley Cat for being there to support the show. Join Hunter Gash, Alley Cat with their playtoy Patches and get a taste of the Hunter Gash & Alley Cat show. Hunting.@HunterGash / @GTFOAlleyCat -Twitter

Miss Chessy with Bangable Tunes Audiophiles, but rejoice! Join Miss Chessy as she goes through her personal playlist of sexiest and most sensual songs to get you in the mood. Tune in, turn it up, and get ready for a trip that’ll rock your senses!

@Misschessy -Twitter



F**king Sex with Jessica Lay & Just Fing Jay is about ending the ideology that anything outside of vanilla sex is taboo! Open peoples minds to the idea of kink, fetishes, and just plain orgasms!

We aim to teach new things to new and old, open doors they didn’t know where there, and to help them dive into a new world of sexual adventures with our perverted minds!

@Jessica69Lai /@JustfingJay– Twitter

@Jessica69Lai -Facebook


Nancy Whiskey & Ginnie Collins with Vodka Tea Party Girls Young girls sexual adventures and LIFE being about FUN and SEX.

@Vodka.Tea.Party– Instagram







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