LELO: Swinging 101

Written by on December 30, 2015


“Swinging is a brave and exhilarating way to revive your love lifeGTFO Radio - Swinging 101, and now that you’ve both agreed that it’s something you want to explore together, you might need some tips and advice about swinging itself: where to go, how to act, what to expect. Swinging is a roller-coaster ride and you need all the information you can get, because when it’s good, it’s great.

Where To Start The Swinging Lifestyle

For first-time swingers, the internet really is your friend. A lot of experienced couples become very adept at concealing their swinger lifestyles, so it can be hard to meet other swingers naturally. Your best friends could be swingers and you’d never even know it. However, there are masses of trustworthy and reliable swinging websites you can browse, all of which allow you to search for other couples, clubs and events by location. Set up joint accounts on multiple swinging sites and see which one returns the most interesting people, then focus on that site.

It’s All About Trust

But here’s one of the most important pieces of advice to remember: swinging is about trust, and that trust is particularly delicate in the early stages. Therefore, when you’re setting up an account, make sure the content reflects both of you, that you both contribute to its creation, and that you both have access to the account. Separate accounts breed distrust due to the ability to send and receive private messages to and from other members, and first-time swingers should have absolutely no secrets from each other.”


Click to read the full article…it really is worth the read to get you started or at least talking.

LELO: Swinging 101

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