Sex, Romance & Good Vibrations – Show Recap for Aug 25/15

Written by on September 8, 2015

Welcome to Sex Romance and Good Vibrations, the radio talk show with a buzz.
Tonight we are going to be talking about…

Lesbian and bisexual women with toys, the toys they play with at different levels of their bisexuality, we will have a question period time at the end to answer some questions about bisexuality and toys and we also have a special guest coming on who will be able to really answer some strap-on questions for us.

All of the products mentioned tonight will be available on, You will see my name as soon as your on my site, remember, I’m a Passion Parties consultant so you want to be able to find our team, on the top left hand corner should be Patti, click on shop online, then whether you are in Canada or the US, These products are available in both countries shipped strait out to you.. You will then have a menu, play around, click around while we are talking tonight, and you can always use the search bar if you like something or want more information.

That website again is

First let’s talk about the different type of bisexual women:
Bi-Situational – they will allow oral sex, fingering and touching to happen to them, but they do not reciprocate.

Bi-Curious – they love having bisexual action happening, they can’t always initiate the action, they may need a more aggressive lover start things up, but they are usually all in.

Bi-Sexual – these girls have had bisexual experiences, possible many, but it usually consists of playmates, not relationships and the relationship between playmates doesn’t always make it all the way to the strap on

Bi-Sexual/Strap-on Ready – these women love the female/female experience and not only want to experience some external love but also the feeling of each other internally. I believe most relationships there is one more dominant that would be the ‘giver’ but I’m sure there are exceptions to that rule and you would have some switch hitter relationships as well.

It doesn’t matter if your bi-situational, bi-curious, bi-sexual or strap-on ready…you are desired! Men and women alike love to watch some bisexual female action. So let’s talk about which toys may be used in these relationships. We are also going to touch on the Lesbian relationship tonight, and which toys are preferred from the ladies who prefer a ladies touch.

Let’s start with the bi-situational girl, this is probably something that happens on the fly, it wasn’t planned and if it was it wasn’t planned by her, There may be some oral action, kissing, touching, teasing that leads into some more intense sexual fun. Since this isn’t planned there are probably no toys being used, possible some lip gloss tingle action, our Nibblers is great for this…and if it’s handy possibly some oral sex gels. With Rare Passions we have different products that will enhance oral sex, we have the Tasty Tease to cool some hot things down, some light blowing or even breathing on the cream will add sensitivity to areas of the vagina. We also have Candylicious that will make everything super slippery to add to the slickness of the vaginal cavity. The Nibblers that I mentioned can be applied like lip gloss, you will feel a tingle and that tingle is transferable, so everything you kiss will tingle, great from lip to lip, and even better from lip to other body parts.

Check out Twitter for a link and a picture of our edible products and find them online at, you want to hit shop online, then flavoured passion, the Candylicious is right on top, and the nibblers can be found on the middle of the page in multiple flavours and the Tasty Tease is on the bottom, it is usually easier to ‘view all’, then you can see all of our amazing edible products online.

Ok, let’s move on to the Bi-Curious girl. This girl knows she is looking for a sexual partner, she WANTS the bisexual experience, she may be the aggressive type to go looking or the patient girl waiting for the right moment to happen in her life. This girl is more than happy with oral sex on her or experimenting with her first taste of pussy. She will even crave the soft touch of her lovers lips and the feel of her gentle hands caressing her body. She will also be very comfortable with some finger play and also start experimenting with toys. I would suggest bullet play, we all want our lovers to orgasm, and if we aren’t confident in our new skills a bullet or possibly an enhancement gel would be beneficial here.

Rare Passion has an amazing new bullet that is rechargeable, cordless, waterproof and double ended, the Audrey is an incredible bullet experience. The enhancement gel I referred to is our Pure Satisfaction, this is a gel that you apply right to the clitoris, you will feel a tingle when applied and this will start the blood flow in the vaginal area, the extra blood flow will actually get your vaginal lubrication going, we all know what our vaginal lubrication feels like, but it’s not always there when we want it there. This enhancement gel gets your body working for you when you want it working! A hot date with a sexy girl, and a dab of Pure Satisfaction is guaranteed fun! This will work on your body for 12 hours, so you can enjoy some marathon sex with your favorite girl. The Pure Satisfaction will also enhance your orgasm, so instead of orgasming at the level three and your girl wondering if she brought you to orgasm, she is going to KNOW! And ladies if you are one of the lucky girls who orgasms at the level 10 every time, the Pure Satisfaction will have you stuck on the roof of your bedroom like a cat stuck on the roof. It’s an incredible experience.

Check out Twitter for a link and a picture of our Pure Satisfaction and our Audrey bullet and you can find them online at, you want to hit shop online, when you click on Romanta Therapy the Pure Satisfaction is the first product, it’s our number one selling item, it is $48.50 but ladies there are over 300 pumps in that bottle, so it will give you amazing orgasms every day of the year. If you are looking for Audrey, you will want to click on Toys and then bullets and more, she is one of the top items in an amazing tiffany blue.

Ok we have teased, and we have learned how to please a little, we finally have the mindset of the Bi-sexual woman. You have enjoyed your bisexual experiences and you want more! These girls are Bi-sexual! They know how to please, they know how to tease, they have experimented alone or possibly in group settings, threesomes or if they are in the swinging lifestyle foursomes or more! These Bi-sexual women are ready for more…What about a double ended Dildo, at Rare Passions we have the Divine Duo, it’s a $44, 18 inch toy, this is pretty exciting for the bisexual girl, a nice scissor position with this toy between you two will bring you both to amazing orgasms, if positioning isn’t working, then we also have ‘sex the card game’ for women. There are 52 positions in this deck of cards to allow for some experimenting. The bisexual vixen in you will love exploring with this deck of cards, the divine duo and your sexual partner.

Check out Twitter for a link and a picture of our Divine Duo and our Sex the card game and you can find them online at, you want to hit shop online you can find the Divine Duo under Toys and then Couple toys. The deck of cards is in fun and fantasy and it’s the last product on our page, remember to click the ‘view all’ button on top so you can see everything in this section.

Our Next topic is the Strap-on Ready Bi-sexual women…and we are going to talk about this for a bit, how erotic to watch two women making love to each other with a strap on. So Sexy…Before we get into that though I want to suggest another toy for this strap on ready girl. Whenever I have someone in my order room that is in a girl/girl relationship, I always stop and talk about the vibrating cock ring. I know what you’re thinking and believe me, I am always met with the same look, WTF do I need that for? The cock rings can also be placed over two or three fingers…turn on the vibration and you can turn on your lover with just a touch of your finger tips, you don’t just want to please with this new vibrating appendage, make sure you do some g-spot exploration! Your fingers vibrating inside your lover will throw her over the edge of orgasm!

My fav two cock rings to sell to bisexual women or lesbians is the Lelo Tor, or the Progressor, both very powerful, both have many settings and the Lelo Tor is waterproof if you want some shower fun.

Ok…Let’s talk Strap on! Is there anything sexier than a powerful bisexual woman with a penis? I think not! Our Lesbian Lovers are going to fit into this category as well. At Rare Passions we have two sizes for the strap on, we also sell the harness separately if you have a favorite toy that will fit, and if you don’t and you’re not opposed to the penile shape, the Glow Boy may be the right fit here. We also have two sizes Beautiful Dreamer is 5 ½ inches and resembles the penis, without too much detail. The Passion Pro is 6 ½ inches and has an amazing g-spot curve to enhance her G-spot pleasure. Our harness has a cute bustier back to it and also comes with a cordless water resistant bullet for your pleasure. I’m sure the empowerment of having your lover under you while you slowly take her to unbelievable heights of pleasure may be enough, but if you want more you can add the vibration. Does that sound sexy?

Check out Twitter for a link and a picture of our Harness and attachments as well as the amazing Lelo Tor and our Progressor and you can find them online at, you want to hit shop online then Toys and in the menu click on couples, all of these products are there for you expect the Lelo Tor, it’s a deluxe toy and can be found in that menu.

Ok we have reached the part of our show were we want to hear from YOU, you can call in to GTFO Radio and ask your questions about bisexual or Lesbian girls and their toys… we have a few questions set up from our Twitter and Facebook…make sure your following us at @SRGVibrations on Twitter and Sex, Romance and Good Vibrations on Facebook.

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