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The Blue Collared Swinger Show!

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Hunter Gash is a hot rod builder, biker trying to be a Lifestyle Radio Host. Look out Jason Ellis !!!!! Thanks to Alley Cat for being there to support the show. Join Hunter Gash, Alley Cat with their playtoy Patches and get a taste of the Hunter Gash & Alley Cat show.

Find us on Twitter: @HunterGash / @GTFOAlleyCat 

Hunter Gash & Alley Cat are LIVE every 2nd Saturday evening at 7:00 PM MST

They love to have some fun with the Swing Town social web site. It is all about sexual adventure when you read or hear some of the posts that the SwingTowns swingers share in messages with each other. Be aware Hunter Gash does not see things the same way the rest of us do so you better listen in. You can watch and join in on the Chat in the web cam chat room. Do not miss this show!

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